I loved scooters since my childhood for their lightness and simplicity, but it happened so that I was dealing all the time with bicycles – riding them, repairing, designing, assembling them out of metal junk, even working for some time in a bicycle factory. Though the idea of a scooter never quite left me. My first kick scooter prototype saw the light only in March 2012. It was preceded by a month of calculations and scetching. I didn’t have any specific idea then, but I had a desire to make a working model and feel the ease and simplicity of movement. I succeeded in both. After building some other prototypes I had a grasp over requirements and formed a technical design assignment. After two months of running-in I finally got a concept – the lightest model suitable as well for everyday riding. I’ve tried the best models – Kickbike Race MAX 20, Kostka Racer PRO, Mibo RaceK. I’ve read everything about Zockra Prototype. The general design and structural modeling determined the frame material – titanium! Then it was time for preproduction routine. In July 2013 two industrial prototypes of different geometry were manufactured. A couple of tough testing weeks followed, then reworking and testing again. Finally, in September 2013 the first industrial lot of Villich Bike Works titanic frames was produced! The 28th of November 2013 a decision was received about issuing a patent for a “kick scooter frame”.

For the moment VILL El Camino titanic is the lightest mass-produced kick scooter in the world!